One Social Good

Let's change the world, one social good at a time.

What is One Social Good?

One Social Good's mission is to inspire people around the world to be socially good to one another. What does that mean? Well simply put, we think technology is great and social media connects people, but it has brought us into this online world of distractions. We are trying to help people interact with one another positively. This will indirectly or directly affect the way people act towards one another and ultimately bring us closer together, allowing us to do greater things.

How can you participate?

Each day, we will release a new social good task, that will be easy for anyone with a busy schedule to be able to spend just a few seconds to complete. We want everyone to participate and understand that people have busy lives. Currently tasks are posted on Instagram and Facebook:

Our Current Reach

3,038 People, 122 Countries

Our Members

69 Members, 20 Countries, 69 Cities

Join us! Direct Message @Lgavra on Instagram for more info!

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